J&K Small Scale Industries Development Corporation Limited

(A J&K Government Undertaking)

Marketing Support
  1. The Marketing wing is Headed by one General Manager at each Division. He is being assisted by Divisional Managers at the Divisional Level and Managers/District Managers at the District level.
  2. This is one of the important activities being undertaken by the Corporation for providing a meaningful support to the Small scale Industry to assist them in marketing their end products.
  3. The Government of Jammu and Kashmir vide Order No: 342-Ind of (DIC) of 1995 dated 1.11.1995 read with Govt. Order No: 418-Ind of 1997 dated 6.10.1997 and Govt. order No: 189-Ind of 2009 dated 26.08.2009 has reserved certain items for exclusive purchase by the Government departments/organizations from local SSI units through SICOP. This gives an assurance to an entrepreneur that he will get a share in the Government purchase.
  4. Marketing Assistance is provided to local SSI units at district level also through a network of offices established in all the districts of the J&K and Marketing Assistance worth Rs. 494.44 crore during F.Y. 2018-19 and Rs. 337.87 crore ending 3rd quarter 2019-20 has been provided to SSI units.
  5. 1700 SSI units registered with SICOP have been provided marketing support throughout J&K.

S. No Name of Item / Product
1 B.A Wire (Black Annealed Wire)
2 B. A. Barbed Wire (Black Annealed Barbed Wire)
3 Barbed Wire
4 PCC Electric Traction Poles (Plain Cement Concrete)
5 Steel Tubular Poles
6 AAC/ ACSR Conductors(All Aluminium/Aluminium Conductors Steel Reinforced)
7 M.S. Angle (Mild Steel Angle)
8 Tor Steel/ CTD Bars (Twisted Ore Reinforced Steel/ Cold Twisted & Deformed Bars)
9 PCC Fence Posts (Plain Cement Concrete Fence Posts)
10 Chain Link Fencing & Wire Crates
11 Steel & Wooden Furniture
12 HD Moulded Water Storage Tanks/ Pipes (High Density Moulded Storage Tanks/ Pipes)
13 Steel Doors/ Window Frames & Shutters
14 Wall to Wall carpets
15 Steel Fabrication Items:- Steel Tanks, Steel Trusses, Steel Bridges (Up to 100 meters span)
16 Wooden Joinery Items
17 Sheet Metal Items:- Steel Trunks, Steel Buckets, Steel Storage Bins, Poultry equipments & Agriculture Equipments.
18 Electric Appliances:- Geysers, Desert Coolers, Room Heaters, Convectors, Fans & Air Conditioners
19 RCC Hume/ Spun Pipes (Reinforced Cement Concrete Hume/ Spun Pipes)
20 PVC Cables (Poly Vinyl Chloride:- Armoured/ un armored Cables, Conduit Pipes & Plastic Moulded Batons
21 Lead Acid Automobile Batteries
22 Plastic Moulded Furniture Items:- Chairs etc
23 Rigid PVD Pipes. (Rigid Poly Vinyl Chloride Pipes)

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